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Crete-Prep (1 gallon)
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Concentrated concrete micro etching solution for acid stain preparation



Crete-Prep is a penetrating concrete cleaner and renovator that quickly dissolves lime deposits, scale, rust, mortar, algae and mud stains from concrete interior or exterior without the dangers of raw muriatic acid. Crete-Prep contains no hydrofluoric acid, ozone depleting solvents or heavy toxic metals or chromates. Crete-Prep is the safe replacement for muriatic acid to clean concrete, unglazed tile, brick, even glass and aluminum frames to remove lime, scale, excess mortar, algae and stains prior to sealing or acid staining of concrete. This product helps to prepare concrete to insure reaction and penetration of our Concentrated Crete Stains. It also insures better bonding of spray textures and overlay applications. Warning, this product will open pores of most concrete and masonry surfaces. Its recommended use is for acid stain prep.


Crete-Prep is the safe replacement for muriatic acid and produces no harsh or irritating fumes even in interior areas where raw muriatic acid produces chocking and corrosive fumes. It will not burn concrete and can be used at full strength on difficult stains and will not degrade the concrete surface or interfere with acid staining of the concrete. Crete-Prep works fast and efficiently with deep penetrating action that lifts off the stains with a minimum of effort and no excess product wasted. Crete-Prep is economical because it is a strong surface active penetrant rather than a harsh strong acid, it just does the job faster, with less labor cost and less product. You will save money and time all around. Crete-Prep will not attack most metals. Most metals accounted for on the job site are either aluminum or steel. Crete-Prep is highly inhibited against attack on these metals. It will brighten copper and brass, but will not corrode them if washed off. It should not be used on magnesium, galvanized metal, or stainless steel. Test plastic laminates before using Crete-Prep on them for best results.


Always test the concrete to be prepared for previous coatings. This product will not work properly over coated concrete surfaces and is not to be used as a chemical coating stripper.

Sweep all trash and debris off the area to be cleaned and prepared.

1. Protect all areas not to be cleaned and prepared. Mask off all adjacent surfaces with painter's tape or plastic duct tape. Use a plastic or coated cardboard as a spray shield. Plastic or polyethylene sprayers and buckets are recommended for application.

2. Dilute material with water to desired dilution rate (1:1 for hard slick trowel surface, up to 1:2 w/water for light to medium slick trowel surfaces)

3. Using a polyethylene pump-up sprayer, apply at a rate of up to 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon of finished product (diluted or straight). An acid brush may be used to brush in material for a better application. Always use an acid resistant plastic sprayer and acid resistant brush.

4. Allow 5-10 minutes for proper reaction, and rinse thoroughly with water by mop with a water and ammonia solution such as Neutral-Crete, to neutralize the surface for proper pH level. Remove standing water with a wet vacuum. Repeat until floor is clean and free of all material.

5. Allow the area to dry 18-24 hours. The floor is now prepared for most any stain or coating application.

Please note: When using this product for acid stain preparation, the neutralization process should be done after the acid stain is applied instead of after the preparation process.

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